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3 Attributes of the Most Qualified Waste Management Company

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Waste is a big component of every business process, whether the business is retail, food services, healthcare, or manufacturing. As a business owner, you must figure out how to properly handle your business’ waste for the betterment of your business, the community, and the environment.  A good waste management company can help you handle your business waste. 
Most locations have garbage removal options. However, not every waste management company offers the same service options, and some companies work best for certain types of businesses. Take a look at some of the attributes you should be looking for in a qualified waste management company to cater to your business needs. 

1. Flexible Pickup Scheduling

Traditional business hours may be between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., but your business might need a scheduled trash pickup at a time outside of business hours. For example, if your hotel hosts a large corporate event, you are bound to have full dumpsters and recycling bins by the time the event is over. The company you choose should offer:
  • After-hours dumpster retrieval or emptying
  • Emergency waste pickup services
  • Large-item removal as needed
The best waste collection companies provide scheduled pickups on a flexible basis. While you may have a designated pickup every week or month, the company you work with should be capable of meeting specific garbage removal needs as they come up. 

2. Recycling

In America, there are about 254 million tons of trash generated per year. Only about 87 million tons of this waste is actually recycled or composted, and National Geographic reports that 91 percent of plastic is not recycled worldwide.
Industrial and commercial businesses contribute a lot of waste to landfills, so you must be vigilant about doing your part to recycle as much as possible. Finding a waste management company that offers recycling services should be at the top of your agenda. 
Many waste management companies offer recycling programs to commercial customers, and some companies even streamline the service by providing containers to you to place in and around your business facility. By working with a company that provides convenient and simple recycling solutions, you can drastically reduce how much waste you have coming from your business every day. 

3. Secure Waste Receptacles

Commercial waste needs are large in comparison to the regular residential customer, so roll-off dumpsters and other large receptacles are a common service provided by waste management companies. To ensure you are working with the most qualified company, take a look at their waste receptacles. The best waste management companies will have waste containers that are:
  • Clean and clearly labeled
  • Well-designed and updated
  • Secure with lids that lock in place
Dumpsters and waste receptacles that are poorly built, outdated, or dirty will reflect poorly on your business property and can be a natural attractor to pests. Plus, dumpsters and waste containers that do not have lockable lids are an open invitation for those in the community who are looking to go through your business's trash, which poses both a security and liability risk. 
The more focus you place on finding a good garbage removal company for your needs, the better handled your business's waste will be. Find a waste management company that can help you keep your business running well and help better the environment.
If you would like to know more about waste management, recycling, or dumpster rental for your business reach out to us at MSG Waste & Salvage Inc. for more information about our services. We offer free estimates, curbside pickups, and exceptional customer service for both residential and commercial clients. Call today.